Coming January 16 from Smith Street Books, Deep-sea Creeps takes a witty dive into some truly terrible ex-boyfriends, reimagined as creatures of the sea. You’ll encounter everyone from The Self-Proclaimed “Nice Guy” to The Egomaniac and even The Ex Who Wanted To Break Up (But Wanted You To Do It).

Researchers claim we still know very little about these exes, though some might argue we’ve seen all we need to see. Either way, you can sit back and enjoy them from a comfortable distance.

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cover of the book Jokes To Offend Men, by Allison Kelley, Danielle Kraese, Kate Herzlin, and Ysabel Yates

Co-written with Ali Kelley, Kate Herzlin, & Ysabel Yates, Jokes to Offend Men (Andrews McMeel, 2022) transforms classic joke setups into sharp commentary about sexism. A cutting, cathartic spin on the old-fashioned joke book, it was written for anyone who’s ever been told to “lighten up, it’s just a joke!”

Inspired by the viral McSweeney’s piece “Jokes I’ve Told That My Male Colleagues Didn’t Like”), Jokes to Offend Men was named Vulture’s #2 comedy book of the year, and New York Magazine classified it as “highbrow brilliant” in its Approval Matrix. It also received a starred review from my mom.

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