Missed connection. If you are this very big dog, please contact me.

Danielle Kraese is a writer, editor, and freelance dog petter. Her humor has been published by The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, Reductress, The Belladonna, Points in Case, Slackjaw, and Weekly Humorist. An excerpt of her essay “Apologies and a Few Things I’m Sorry For” can be found in Heather Sellers’ The Practice of Creative Writing (however, it’s a college textbook, and according to her sister nobody reads those).

Danielle studied journalism at a top party school and had a great time. After graduating, she worked a dozen or so unusual jobs before spending several years in book publishing. During that time, she was surprised by how many of her doctors tried to push their manuscripts on her mid-exam (it was two, but that’s two too many when you’re in a paper robe). Now, she’s a commerce editor at BDG and can tell you everything you never wanted to know about socks and bed sheets.